“Looking good is all about feeling confident. Height creates a positive impression
of presence being felt, stature and in authority..”

About Us

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Walking Tall is a men’s shoe boutique with a difference. Our range of footwear comes with hidden heels to give more height to wearers and is stylish, comfortable and affordable. Our collections offer over 70 designs for business or casual occasions, from sporty slip-on to classic lace-ups.

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How It Works

how does walking tall shoe worksWalking Tall offers a wide variety of men’s shoes crafted to help add height instantly. Our stylishly-designed shoes come with hidden insoles which add height from 6cm to 10cm. These shoes are comfortable to the feet as the back of the shoes are crafted higher to provide a snug fit, preventing the shoes from slipping off.

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Why Taller

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At other times, some extra inches can also work wonders. The taller you are, the better you look in clothes. The taller you are, the more poised you look in photographs too. It is little wonder, then, that the quest for height is a continuous process for many men.

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